ince 1985, our parent company, T.J. Adams & Associates, a recognized provider of executive search and corporate support training, has established itself has career partners to employees and businesses.

T J A Staffing Services was created to enhance the services that are provided by our parent company. The roster of clients we serve nationally and internationally represent virtually every kind of business, large and small. In business, people are the greatest asset. Behind every great vision, quality brand, and exceptional service are the numerous individuals who are dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision. At T J A Staffing Services, we focus on staffing quality as intently as you focus on your core business.

In all aspects, we provide effective, motivated staff thorough fully managed cost-controlled services. Our time proven resources give us the ability to recruit quality candidates - through traditional and e-recruiting capabilities - to fill even the most specialized jobs, despite major labor and skill shortages that have challenged companies worldwide. Our organizational culture gives us the ability to retain the best.

Whether you need 1 administrative assistant or 500 customer service representatives, T J A Staffing Services can deliver.