Company Profile

J. Adams & Associates is a privately held corporation specializing in executive placements, corporate support training, and management consulting. T. J. Adams & Associates boasts a client list that includes blue-chip corporations with whom we maintain long standing relationships.

Dedicated, spirited and proactive, many consultants come from Fortune 500 corporations. Our training staff is certified to train and they all have experience in the corporate and private sector entities.

In all cases, we have an uncompromising desire for excellence, and never loose sight of our number one priority - helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives for staff needs, image enhancements and training requirements.

With this in mind, T. J. Adams & Associates has specialized a component of its staffing division to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients and their corporate environments. T J A Staffing Services, builds on the foundation of its parent company and fulfills the contractual demands of its clients with the best employees.

In the scheme of the vital company, T. J. Adams & Associates team is your team, and your customers are our customers. Contact us to explore mutual opportunities.


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