any workshops can be uniquely designed to meet each client's specific needs. T. J. Adams & Associates provides workshops, which can range from an overview on a particular subject to an in-depth and comprehensive training course. Consultants also provide private and confidential mediation services. Some of the most sought after and effective courses include:


conflict resolution and

diversity training


Workplace Management Resources

Comprehensive reports provide powerful insights on how to effectively manage personnel. The Personal Profile System for Windows™ software provides individuals and teams with detailed personalized information to help them improve effectiveness in four main application areas:

Self awareness/self management;
Peer relationships/team building
Performance coaching/managing others, and
Client relationships.


Inscape Publishing

T. J. Adams & Associates are authorized distributors of Inscape Publishing's quality learning resources. Inscape Publishing is an international publisher of leading-edge assessment tools designed to increase self-awareness and improve personal effectiveness, thereby enhancing interpersonal communication and improving organizational performance.

These assessment tools take complex issues of human behavior and simplify and personalize them so individuals can discover and capitalize on their strengths, understand and value their differences, and work together or successfully. Inscape Publishing prides itself on the validity, reliability, timelessness, and usefulness of its products.

As authorized distributors, we have the opportunity to become part of a powerful community of professional speakers, trainers, facilitators, coaches, and consultants.


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