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Dressing for Success

As a professional your business attire is a critical part of your image. You want to portray that you're interested in the goals of the company. Dress that stands out too much gives the appearance of someone who's not as interested in the company as they are in themselves. If you going to an interview, be sure to ask your T J Adams consultant if there are special dressing rules. Here, then, is a corporate dress code. Adjust your wardrobe accordingly, so your boss can focus on your outstanding performance, not your eye-popping style.

For Women

Hair: Your hairstyle should be neat and your hair color should be natural-looking and complementary to your complexion. The hair style should be coifed professionally, whether your wearing it short, mid-length or long. Weaves should be able to be combed. Hair that appears glued is not acceptable in the work environment. Avoid popular decor such as barrettes, ribbons, butterflies or glitter.

Nails: Long, elaborately decorated nails may be frowned upon in some companies. Exotic nails may cause your employer to doubt your ability to do your job. Short, clean nails in French manicure, or one-tone polish are always stylish.

Makeup: Your makeup should be subtle and complementary to your overall polished look-steer clear of the overly dramatic after-5 or runway looks. Please choose shades that are flattering to your complexion.

Dress: Your clothes can say more about you than your mouth ever will. Your clothes should not be too short, too formfitting, or too revealing in the office environment. It could send the message that your not serious about your job. You should have a nice "church look" at work.

Shoes: Shoes should be polished and not run-down, Stockings should be traditional in shades that are compatible to your outfit or your skin tone. Stocking with wild designs are a 'no-no' in the work environment.

Jewelry: Jewelry should always be kept to a minimum in the office. Nose jewelry, lip jewelry, or studs in the tongue or eyebrows are generally inappropriate.

Accessories: For those seeking to spruce up their corporate wardrobe, invest in fun accessories that will showcase your individuality.

Perfume: Use discretion and taste in choosing your office scents.

For Men

Hair: Haircuts should be neat and classic. Designs, logos, and names shaved into the haircut are never appropriate in the office.

Nails: Long nails are a no-no. Nails should be clean and well-manicured.

Suit: Save your dapper look for the weekend! No lime, hot pink, or all red suits on the job.

Shoes: Shoes should be polished at all times, and not worn down.

Shirt: Try to wear colored shirts and silk ties and the whole monochromatic look (colored shirt and matching tie)

Accessories: Stylish, silk ties are the best for men in various patterns are a major hit at the office now days.

Jewelry: Wear as little as possible. One quality watch, one wedding band or class ring.

Cologne: Steer clear of strong smells that may be offensive to others.