T. J. Adams & Associates partners with community groups, universities, and school districts looking to create new schools or to revitalize existing ones. Our schools reflect the unique culture of their respective communities, featuring a strong parent volunteer and community mentor program. The school becomes a safe, welcoming pillar of the local community, a haven of information, life-long learning, self-actualization and a source of pride for all.
As a privately owned educational service provider (ESP), T. J. Adams & Associates is committed to the necessity of educational reform as the necessary ingredient for a resurgent America, an America able to compete and prosper in the new world economy. The goal is a transformation process that is revolutionary in result, and evolutionary in execution.
So why T.J. Adams & Associates, ESP?
T.J. Adams & Associates is a nurturing educational community. Founded on academic excellence and sound moral guidance, it is a safe and welcoming environment. Here, students can discover talents, gather knowledge and learn responsibility. It is a training ground for the next generation of enlightened, ethical adults.
Parent-teacher communication is one of the most powerful parts of a T.J. Adams & Associates Academy education. When parents are involved, their children do better in school. Parents are urged to take an active role in their child's growth and achievement.    All teachers meet or exceed state requirements, as well as show great talent, knowledge and ability. Common to all is a desire to maximize the growth of each and every student. Together, mountains move and lives are changed.
Character development, lasting moral guidance, and academic excellence is the focus. Reinforcing values learned at home, virtues such as respect, honesty, friendship and responsibility provide a moral foundation. These virtues are included in lessons as important units, not merely "tack-ons." Students learn the world is not just made up of facts and figures. They learn of actions, consequences and the art of wise decision-making.
Standards have been set at challenging levels. Lessons are dynamic, motivating experiences that feed off children's natural curiosity. Using a rigorous back-to-basics approach, this is a program that stresses the fundamentals.

There was a day when parents simply did not have the kinds of educational choices available today. That day is past. There is no charge to parents because funding comes from state tax dollars. Charter schools must meet the same requirements as traditional public schools, but also answer directly to parents. Partnering with community-based school boards and parents results in a responsiveness rarely seen in traditional public schools.


T.J. Adams & Associates Academies admits students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, athletic and other school-administered programs.

Recruitment & Payrolling Services:

T.J. Adams & Associates services can be retained as the Educational Service Provider.  A retainer agreement means that you would pay our company an agreed upon amount/percentage each month to do  on-going recruitment and payrolling services. This package includes oversight responsibility for recruitment, retention, payroll, employer taxes, Insurance, and supervision administration.
Management of Instructional Personnel:
T.J. Adams & Associates services can be retained to provide management of instruction and the instructional personnel.  In addition to the recruitment and payrolling services listed above, this package includes responsibility for the management and general oversight of all teachers, curricula, and daily operations of the school as it relates to instruction of students. We will administer and coordinate professional development, provide guidance and direction to the leadership team regarding staffing, consult and hold second-level meetings with unsatisfactory performers, provide a model for personnel policies, and provide guidance and direction on proper termination of staff.
Educational Service Provider:
T.J. Adams & Associates services can be retained as the Educational Service Provider. In addition to the recruitment and payrolling services, as well as the management of instructional personnel package listed above, this package includes responsibility for the total school operations inclusive of facilities and financial administration.
We look forward to the opportunity to manage the educational needs of your public school academy



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