ur reputation as career partners attracts skilled men and women seeking new career choices or flexible work options. Our employees...

  • are part of a strong national workforce, whose talents encompass virtually every field.
  • are dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision.
  • focus on quality as intently as you focus on your core business.
  • Are the best, effective, and motivated staff fully managed through cost-controlled services

Our time proven resources gives us the ability to recruit quality candidates-through traditional and e-recruiting capabilities - to fill even the most specialized jobs, despite major skill shortages that have challenged companies worldwide. Our organizational culture gives us the ability to retain the best. Whether you need one administrative assistant or 500 customer service representatives, T J A Staffing Services can deliver.

We offer a variety of creative service delivery options and processes including:

  • Professional, technical and traditional staffing resources;
  • Quality assessment, testing and training;
  • Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in your personnel requirements;
  • Re-engineering employee skill-sets to match the needs of a changing workplace;
  • Staffing and management of startup operations;
  • Employee Mystery shopping to confirm that an employee is representing the company in an ethical and professional manner that bespeaks the high standards associated with the client company.
  • The Personal Profile System that aides in effective management and placement of individuals to maximize efficiency and productivity.




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