ur staffing agency and business partners specialize in management consulting, corporate support training, and all aspects of staffing services. Whether you are seeking a position or are an employer looking for the right candidate, we can assist you.  Click here for information regarding our Management Consulting Services.

T.J. Adams & Associates form a strategic business alliance with RBJ Enterprises, LLC.

ur mission is to be a world class full-service human resource firm distinguished by strong client relationships, extraordinary quality, and enhanced personalized service. Always providing applicants as exceptional as the companies we represent. To fulfill this mission we commit to focus on our customers, focus on our applicants, support our communities, and to take personal responsibility for the success of T. J. Adams & Associates. For further information or questions about our services, please contact us via phone at:  313-638-1396 or click on the "contact us" link to send us a e-mail. Fax 313-638-2746

Our Address:
T.J. Adams & Associates
Southfield Town Center
2000 Town Center - Suite 1170
Southfiled, MI 48075

he parent company, T. J. Adams & Associates is proud to introduce to its applicants and client companies its new business partner, T J A Staffing Services. This component will be responsible for all temporary and temporary-to-permanent staffing.

t T J A Staffing Services, we have a twin dedication. The first is to provide our clients with the best temporary help. Temporaries who will meet assignments enthusiastically and complete them with competence and on time. Our standards are high, and our clients recognize it. The second is to provide our employees with pleasant and profitable work assignments.

In addition to our Staffing Services, T. J. Adams & Associates is now providing services to Academy Schools and Universities along with our unique Payrolling Services. Click here for information regarding our School Management Program and Payrolling Services.

ur Mission is to enthusiastically provide service beyond exception through ethical business practice, innovative systems and outstanding people. To fulfill our mission we commit to focus on our clients, focus on our applicants, and focus on quality.

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